A contemplative adventure in the Divine Garden awaits. Now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Unique turn-based puzzle gameplay where you help rather than fight

  • 150+ interconnected puzzles

  • 10+ NPCs with their own goals and abilities, leading to emergent interactions

  • 10-15 hours of play time

  • Fully hand-drawn art (2,000+ individual pencil drawings)

  • Dynamic retro synth soundtrack

  • Nuanced story where the player has moral agency

  • Unlockable secrets

  • Play with a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or gamepad


In Wilderplace, you are a shaman tasked with bringing balance to the once-idyllic Divine Garden. Explore the maze-like environment, harness magical artifacts, and uncover mysteries as you wrangle restless spirits and evade dangerous intruders.

What sets Wilderplace's gameplay apart?

Dynamic NPC interactions: The Divine Garden is full of denizens and intruders with distinct goals and priorities. To succeed, you'll need to influence how these characters interact with each other and the world.

Strong narrative: Puzzle mechanics directly support the game's story. Every new NPC or obstacle you encounter on your journey enriches the world and ups the challenge at the same time.

Interconnected world map: Individual levels can be solved in many different ways, and become frozen in place after beating them. Each puzzle is connected in a branching, Metriodvania-style world map. Even though levels are hand-crafted, each play through is unique.

Inventory-based progression system: You start your journey with nothing but your trusty staff. As you explore, you unlock new problem-solving tools and movement options that allow you to approach the same area in a completely different way. By the end, you'll need to manipulate time, space, and your environment to solve puzzles that would be impossible at the start.


Meet some of the Divine Garden's denizens: Spirits, Woodsmen, The Warden, Mining Robots, Security Robots, Foragers, Toadmen, Automatons, and Demons.


They seek out the nearest creature and transform it into a new home, acting like a parasite. Good thing shamans can summon vessels for spirits.


A group of them crossed into the Divine Garden while searching for a place to settle. They chop down trees - but when they do, spirits are released.

The Warden

He maintains order, deters intruders, and serves the garden's Founders. Before his recent appointment, he had never set foot on Earth. He's not sure why the job suddenly opened up.

Mining Robots

Developed by a vertically integrated manufacturing conglomerate. They strip mine ore, but leave plants and fungus alone. Their operators insist they in no way harm the local ecosystem.

Security Robots

They'll defend their property by any means necessary, as long as there's no legal liability. You've received your final warning.


They're here to study the garden's fungi. They harvest mushrooms and treat sick creatures. They haven't figured out what happens to the spirits after applying their treatments.


The Divine Garden's natives. They were here before the garden, and they'll be here long after. Friendly and mysterious, they sometimes cause mischief.


The Founders created them to maintain the garden and it's monuments. They lack sentience but know how to push things. At this point, nobody's sure who they take orders from.


Take care when shifting into the dream world: demons might be lurking. Blinded by rage, they uproot vessels and then transfer spirits to the nearest creature.


Three people made Wilderplace:

Saman Bemel Benrud is a designer, artist, and programmer and Wilderplace's main creator. Before this project, he worked for over a decade in tech while moonlighting as a comic artist and illustrator. He is responsible for the design, art, story, and core programming. Follow Saman on Twitter.

Micah Fitch is a programmer, musician, and curious explorer. He is responsible for composing all of Wilderplace's sound effects and music, programming the audio systems, and general technical problem solving. Follow Micah on Twitter.

Tom Lubanovic is an artist and spatial problem solving enthusiast. He designed most of Wilderplace's puzzles and contributed to writing, visual direction, and marketing.

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